Newton physics for Irrlicht game developers

What will you learn?

This tutorial covers the development of a game from a very beginning. This includes:

  • designing the architecture for a game
  • developing the game engine
  • defining game logic with scripts
  • creating 3d models
  • distributing the application
And of course, the whole tutorial is built around two libraries - Irrlicht and Newton Game Dynamics. As for 15 May 2018, the tutorial covers:
  • building application and its dependencies with Bazel
  • an introduction to Irrlicht and Newton Game Dynamics
  • creating simple Irrlicht application
  • defining the application behaviour with Lua scripts
  • adding physics simulation with Newton Game Dynamics

What should I know to proceed?

The tutorial assumes you have a solid basics knowledge of C++ and OOP.

Why not Unity / Unreal Engine / you name it?

The main reason why you might be interested in this tutorial, especially due to the fact that there are some well-known and actively discussed/developed/used game engines like Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D and others, is: you want to know how things work and thus get most flexibility of your tools (or even start working towards building your own).


14 Apr 2018
  1. redesigned the website (you've probably noticed it if you've been here before)
  2. started reworking the tutorial itself - language, information and the code:
    • no more "homework" sections
    • new build system
    • updated libaries
    • reworking Blender modelling tutorial
    • sane examples
Stay tuned!

16 Dec 2015
  1. moved all the build instructions to CMake
  2. added scripting with Lua
  3. upgraded the whole tutorial to match latest Irrlicht and Newton versions
  4. added chapter on creating a level model with Blender
And the chapter on architecture improvements is coming soon!

About the author

My name is Artem and I am a software developer. I have been writing code for nearly 14 years now. Game development was my hobby for all of them.