Game development with Newton Game Dynamics and Irrlicht tutorial

Oct 15, 2018

Slowpoke image

As there was not a high load on my tutorial on game development with Irrlicht and Newton Game Dynamics engines as a separate site, I have decided to merge them with my blog and proceed with occasional updates to both as a whole.

So far, these are the changes to the tutorial in comparison to what it used to be (long time ago):

  • moved all the build instructions to CMake
  • added scripting with Lua
  • upgraded the whole tutorial to match latest Irrlicht and Newton versions
  • added chapter on modelling with Blender

The things which are already done (just not published yet), in progress and the future plans for this tutorial include:

  • comparison of different build systems for C++ (including CMake, Bazel and Buck)
  • a better approach to application architecture (plus the comparison of different scripting languages - AngelScript, Squirrel, Lua, ChaiScript and Python)
  • a sane 3D modelling in blender lessons (preserving texturing and adding advanced materials, possibly even animation!)
  • advanced topics in Newton Game Dynamics featuring character controller and joints

Tutorial chapters (yet to be updated):