IntelliJ productivity tips

Sep 18, 2017

This post is based on a talk on IntelliJ productivity and contains some tips and tricks I found handy in my everyday work.

You may disagree with me or find these recommendations useless for yourself, but I and some of my teammates have found out these tips have made us more efficient when dealing with lots of code in a big project.

  • say “no!” to tabs – that’s it – disable them. Forever. IntellJ has many ways to navigate the project, just check them out: Cmd+E, Cmd+Alt+← and Cmd+Alt+→

  • stop using mouse – just as with navigation in open files, IntelliJ offers awesome code navigation: want to go to the method definition? Cmd+B, want to find a file or class or method? Shift, Shift or Ctrl+Shift+N or Ctrl+N, want to move around in Project Manager? Cmd+1 (and then Esc to switch between editor and Manager)

  • use IntelliJ’s code intelligence – if you forgot what params method takes, use Cmp+P, if you want to find variable or class or method usage – use Alt+F7, use the power of “Refactor -> Extract Constant/Field” function

  • use action finder popup – that one can save you lot of time when you do not remember where the function needed is located or what key shortcut to use – Cmd+Shift+A is your friend

WARNING: lots of video/gifs under the cut!


Open/hide tool window (Project, Structure, Version Control, etc.)
Cmd+1 .. Cmd+9
To go back to editor - just hit Esc
Project Tree:

Search results:

Version Control:
Switch between open files
Go back/forward
Cmd+Alt+← and Cmd+Alt+→
Search for class, method, variable
Shift, Shift

Use Cmd+N for class search:
Search for file
Go to variable/method definition

To go to implementations/overrides, use Cmd+Alt+B:
Search for actions available
Disable tabs
Cmd+Shift+A and search for tabs placement
Show method parameters hint
Find method/class/variable usages