What will you learn?

This tutorial covers the development of a game from a very beginning. This includes:

  • planning the architecture for a game
  • developing the game engine
  • defining game logic with scripts
  • creating 3d models
  • and distributing the application

And of course, the whole tutorial is built around two libraries - Irrlicht and Newton Game Dynamics.

As for 19 Nov 2018, the tutorial covers:

  • an introduction to NewtonGD
  • creating Irrlicht-powered application
  • controlling the application logic with Lua scripts
  • building application with CMake

Why writing everything from scratch? Why not just use Unity / Unreal Engine / you name it?

The main reason why you might be interested in this tutorial, especially due to the fact that there are some well-known and actively discussed/developed/used game engines like Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D and others, is: you want to know how things work and thus get most flexibility of your tools (or even start working towards building your own).

What should I know to proceed?

You are required to have at least some experience with C++, basic knowledge of graphics and game development (just to make sure, you will not call 3d models “textures” or miss the “script” word’ meaning =) ).

Why these libraries?

Irrlicht is easy to use and contains all the features you will need to build a game - resource management, support for majority of asset formats out-of-the-box, user input (keyboard, mouse and joystick events handling), GUI (Graphical User Interface - buttons, text inputs, etc.).

Newton Game Dynamics is also very easy to use; it is constantly developed; and it is darn powerful!

If you are still interested - please proceed to the first chapter.