What will you learn?

This tutorial covers the development of a game from the very beginning. This includes:

  • creating game architecture
  • writing game engine
  • making game logic with scripts
  • creating assets
  • and deployment

And of course, the whole tutorial is built around two libraries - Irrlicht and Newton Game Dynamics.

As for now (08 Aug 2018), the tutorial covers an introduction to NewtonGD, Irrlicht, Lua, CMake and combining all of them into one sample application.

Why writing everything from scratch? Why not just use XXX?

The main reason why this tutorial was written, especially due to the fact there are couple of well-known and actively discussed/developed/used game engines like Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D and others, is: there is still a need for developers, knowing not only how to make a game using given tools, but how the game or even those tools are made underneath.

What should I know to proceed?

You are required to have at least some experience with C++, basic knowledge of graphics and game development (just to make sure, you will not call assets “textures” or miss the “script” word’ meaning =) ).

If you are interested - then welcome!